My Limits as a Domme

​​-Anything involving blood
-Anything involving scat
-Underage roleplay
-Incest roleplay
-Anything that will leave scars or cuts​
​-Religious roleplay
-Smoking inside of My place

Wishlists (please Me)

-​Adult Website Items - Amazon
-BDSM/Fetish Gear - Amazon 
-Shoes and Clothing (for everyday life) - Amazon
-Shoes and Clothing (for shoots) - Amazon
-Luxury Gifts - Amazon​​

you may refer to Me as "Her Royal Majesty, Danielle", "Her Majesty, Danielle" or "Queen Danielle". I am a Queen to be worshipped and adored. your life duty as My subject is to make sure that I am pleased and content, at all times. your little whimpers of pain and your groveling at My feet begging for My touch brings a small smile to My face. Complete submission and gratitude for Myself is a requirement from My subjects. 

​Dominant Type (I am a mix of these Dominant types):
Sweet Sadistic
​Goddess Dominant
Financial Dominant
Bitch Dominant
Authoritarian Dominant
Control Freak

My Domme Personality


Available for bdsm, escorting, dominatrix, financial domination, and female domination.
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