​-Speculum x2
-Dilator kit
-Dilator plug harness
-Bunny tail plug
-White furry kitty tail plug
-Black furry kitty tail plug
​-White furry kitty ears
-Black furry kitty ears
-Lace kitty ears
​-Washable markers
​-Pet bowls
​-Noise reduction headphones


-Leather blindfold

-Fabric blindfold

-Medical shears

-Small and average size wooden clothes pins
-Small and average size plastic clothes pins
-Dripping candles (purple, black and red)
-Large round ice cubes
-Pec clamps attached to chain x3
-Pec clamp attached to "kitty" clamp x2
-Clover clamps x2
-Beaded clamps
-Pecs and "kitty" "sucker" set
​-Vibrating pec clamps
-"Kitty" clamp with bell
-Beaded heart pec clips
-Violet wand master kit
-Electric paddle
-Paddles (multiple)
-Crops (multiple)
-Floggers (multiple)
-Feathers x2
-Rulers x2
-Straps (multiple)
-Wartenberg wheel

-Vac-U-Lock Harness with attachments

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-Bit gag with attached pecs clamps
-Open mouth hooks
-Red collar
-Pink kitty collar
-Collar with attached pecs clamps
-Collar with leash x3
-Posture collar x2
-Sissy collar with white lace and purple flowers
-Metal silver slave collar
-Sissy wrist cuffs with white lace and purple flowers
-Police handcuffs
-Attached pearl and lace wrist cuffs
-Attached pearl and lace collar to wrist cuff
-Velcro diamond and bow wrist cuffs
-Velcro diamond and bow ankle cuffs
-Furry ankle cuffs
-Attached beaded pearl wrist cuffs
-Female chastity belt x2
-Bondage tape (black, purple, red and pink)
-Bondage rope (black, light purple and dark purple)
-Wrist spreader bar
-Ankle spreader bar

-Ball gag

-Gates of hell x2

-Under bed restraints

-Male chastity device

​​My Costumes:
-​Christmas (multiple costumes)
-50's dresses
-Love Police
-Queen (multiple)
-St Patrick's (multiple)
-Playboy Bunny
-Sailor Moon
-DJ Hamster
-Fourth of July (multiple)
-Pilgrim x2
-Wood nymph
-School girl
-Indian (multiple)
-Alice in Wonderland
-Easter bunny
...and more (just ask)

My Clothing:
​-Stockings (red, pink, white, nude, light purple and black)
-Hose (purple and fishnet)
-Faux leather pants
-Faux leather skirts x2
-Gloves (white, black, lace, pink and fishnet)
-Fishnet clothing x7
-Body stockings x2
-Purple latex dress
-Corsets (black, red, white, pink, rubber and PVC)
-Black rubber halter body suit
-Metallic red halter body suit with crotch area cut out
-Shoes (stilettos, pumps, platforms, knee high boots, platform boots, flats, sneakers, wedges and more)

Tools I own:

My Limits as a Domme

​​-Anything involving blood
-Anything involving scat
-Underage roleplay
-Incest roleplay
-Anything that will leave scars or cuts​
​-Religious roleplay
-Smoking inside of My home

Wishlists (please Me)

-​Adult Website Items - Amazon
-BDSM/Fetish Gear - Amazon 
-Shoes and Clothing (for everyday life) - Amazon
-Shoes and Clothing (for shoots) - Amazon
-Luxury Gifts - Amazon

you may refer to Me as "Her Royal Majesty, Danielle", "Her Majesty, Danielle" or "Queen Danielle". I am a Queen to be worshipped and adored. your life duty as My subject is to make sure that I am pleased and content, at all times. your little whimpers of pain and your groveling at My feet begging for My touch brings a small smile to My face. Complete submission and gratitude for Myself is a requirement from My subjects. 

​Dominant Type (I am a mix of these Dominant types):
Sweet Sadistic
​Goddess Dominant
Financial Dominant
Bitch Dominant
Authoritarian Dominant
Control Freak

My Domme Personality


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Phoenix, Arizona's Premier Independent Porn Star Companion

If you are hiring Me as a Domme this list will need to be filled out - Checklist for sub

Domme/sub Agreement