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For those of you that don't have the time to read my imaginary interview (which I personally feel gives a bit of an insight into who I am and is listed a further below) here is the typical FAQ question/answer format. 

Why do I need to be verified and what does it involve? 

Verification is for my safety first and foremost but is also for your safety as well. Companions that don't take the time to verify a client put all parties involved at risk and might possibly be a bait and switch, upsell, or other unsavory character. All information that you give me is kept confidential. I will accept references from two currently active, reputable providers that you've seen within the last year. I will need their name, email, website, and when/where you saw them. All this information must be given to me for a smooth and quick verification process. If you have a Preferred411 profile I do require that you have at least two provider reference okays from within the last year (providers must currently be active). If you cannot provide two recent references then I will require the following information for screening: employer name, employer website, your position/occupation, your work email, work phone number, current city and state of residence, and a copy of your drivers license (or passport if you are from out of the country). I also require a cell phone number as an extra form of verification. Clients using employment information for screening will need to pay a $25 non-refundable deposit, which will be applied to the appointment fee. No exceptions will be made regarding verifications (e.g. I won't meet you in public first to verify you).

I'm from out of the country where we don't use provider references. How can I be verified so that I may meet you?

To verify those from out of the country I will require a copy of your flight boarding pass and a copy of your passport (everything on the passport except your name, date of birth, and photo can be redacted). I will also need your phone number and employment information (including the name of your employer, your position/occupation, work phone number, work email, and employer website). You will send me a blank email through your work email to an email I've set up that is not associated with this industry. I understand that this is a lot of information to give but it is for my safety, is absolutely required, and is kept confidential.

Are you affiliated with an agency? 

No, I'm not. This site is run by myself, as an independent companion. When you book with me through this website (or through my email DarlingDanielle@ProtonMail.com) you are dealing directly with me. 

Are you available for doubles?

Yes, I am available for doubles with a provider of your choosing and/or with one of my various doubles partners. Email me for more information on my doubles partners.

Are your rates a flat fee? Is there any upselling involved? Do you expect to be tipped? 

My rates are a flat fee. I do not upsell. I have a few options that require an additional fee but I've found that the vast majority of providers also ask for an extra fee for these options. I do not expect to be tipped but if you feel like I've gone above and beyond and would like to tip me I will always appreciate it. If you would like to show your appreciation by bringing me a gift, please feel free to use my Amazon wish list

Do you offer discounts, specials, or reduced rates for multiple hour appointments? 

As of January 2017, I changed my rate structure so that appointments longer than one hour are generously discounted. I also have one ongoing special which can be found above the calendar on the Reservations page. Any other limited time specials will be listed on the calendar and in the specials section on the Reservations page. Unless specified, specials cannot be used while I am on tour (due to touring expenses) and may not be combined. Please do not ask me about discounts (unless it's about a special I'm running). Also, please do not try to negotiate my rates. If you cannot afford to meet with me, please do not contact me until you are able to do so. 

Can you host? Will you come to my location? 

I would love to visit you anywhere in Arizona, the U.S. and the world. I host in a community located about 10 minutes from the Phoenix airport. When I am touring I will make it clear on the touring section of the Reservations page if I'm available to host or if I'm only available to come to your location. 

Do you accept any special requests? 

Yes, I do. I want to make our time together incredibly special, memorable, and exciting for both of us. Pleasing people is one of the joys in my life. Though I would like to make it clear that there are some requests that I will be wary about fulfilling. While I like to dress in the manner you request, if it involves me wearing promiscuous clothing I ask that I only wear that when we are in a private location. Other than that, I am open minded and willing to fulfill any of your requests.  You can find a list of some of the outfits/costumes I can wear for you on the BDSM page. I have over 200 pairs of shoes (boots, heels, sandals, etc.) so if there is something specific you would like me to wear just ask. I have a massive collection of costumes, dresses, and lingerie. If you have a clothing request in mind, please tell me and I will find something to wear that will please you.

Are there any clients that you will not meet? 

The only people that I will not meet are those that will not comply with my verification process or have been put on my "Do Not See" list. I do not discriminate and will see anyone regardless of their gender, ethnicities, or age (though they must be 18+). 

What are your policies on travel and longer appointments? 

I am available for both travel, and longer engagements. I have a passport and am well-traveled in the US and overseas locales (Europe, New Zealand, and other various locations). 

Travel fees and requirements for appointments appointments going to your location:
Drive time more than 30 minutes away - add $50
Drive time more than 1 hour away - add $100 + two hour minimum appt.
Drive time more than 2 hours away - add $150 + three hour minimum appt.
Out of state (flight time up to 1.5 hours) - four hour minimum appt.
Out of state (flight time more than 1.5 hours) - six hour minimum appt.
Outside US - twenty-four hour minimum appt. and flown business or first class 

I kindly ask that I be flown business or first class for any locations outside the US. I do expect you to pay the travel costs (flight, travel to and from the airport, luggage fees, hotel, etc.). All appointments 3+ hours and/or travel that is an hour or more away requires a 25% deposit. All appointments out of state (when I'm flown to you) requires the full flight amount and a 25% deposit before the appointment will be confirmed. 

What forms of payment do you accept? 

I accept cash and credit/debit cards (a 10% fee is added on to the credit/debit card purchase). If you use a credit card or debit card I require an imprint of your card and your driver's license info (this is for my protection against chargebacks or other dishonest practices). If using the card option, the payment must be processed at the latest the day before our appointment. You may purchase the time with me on my online store through a special listing I will create for you. Any cancellation from you will result in the loss of the 10% processing fee. Please rest assured that all of your information is kept confidential.

What do I need to know if I would like to hire you for a BDSM session? 

I have been involved in the BDSM lifestyle since 2009. Though I consider myself a switch, when you book a BDSM appointment with me I will only play the role of Domme or sub (not both during the same appointment). If you are wanting to book me as a sub I do ask to meet once so that I may become comfortable with you before venturing into that fantasy world (this doesn't apply to booking me as a Domme). There is an additional fee for BDSM dates. My BDSM supplies are kept at home, so please ask me before our appointment to bring them. If you are hiring me as a sub I ask that you review my BDSM play list. If you are hiring me as a Domme please fill out this submissive BDSM check list so that I can get an idea of your interests. Before our session, we will go over that list, discuss it, and sign a Dom/sub contract.

What if I need to cancel our appointment? 

I ask that you give me as much notice as possible when cancelling an appointment. Please review the cancellation policies on the Rates page.  If for whatever reason you have to leave our appointment early, then I do expect to be paid the full rate. 

Why are your rates higher when you tour?

Depending on the living costs in the area I tour my rates may be $50 to $150 more per hour than my Phoenix rates. This is due to travel expenses (e.g. taxi to and from the airport, plane ticket, baggage fees, hotel expenses, food expenses, transportation to and from appointments and any other miscellaneous expense associated with traveling). Before I tour I have already spent (on average) $1,000 buying my plane ticket and reserving my hotel room or vacation home rental. My incall rate when I am touring will almost always be less than my outcall rate since I don't have to hire transportation.​​

I would love to spoil you. What do you like? What may I bring you? 

While I don't expect gifts it is really quite nice to receive a little something. I absolutely love being spoiled and it's great way to show your appreciation for me. Also, (in case you were wondering) my birthday is on May 29th.

Here are my sizes: 
Bust - 41 
Waist - 32
Hips - 43
Bra - 38C 
Dress - 14/L-XL 
Tops - L-XL 
Panties - XL 
Pants - 14/XL 
Shoes - 8.5 

I absolutely love Trashy Lingerie.  I love feminine, lacey lingerie and would be more than happy to wear it for you. My Amazon wishlist is full of things that I really want. There is everything from fairy statues to sex toys to Disney movies on it. There are many different lists you can pick gifts from (Beauty Items, BDSM/Fetish, Clothing and Shoes, DVDs, Home Items, Kindle Books, Misc. Items, Shoot Toys, and Shoot Clothing). I do have a Top Priority list of gifts that are a priority to receive. 

I love silver and white gold and do not like yellow gold. My favorite colors are purple, silver and black. My favorite food is cheese. I love red wine, Taylor Fladgate port wine, German eiswein and rum. I'm into electronic music and classical music. I am an avid reader so books are always a great choice as far as gifts go (especially Kindle books on my Amazon wish list). I prefer milk chocolate and/or pralines over any other chocolate. I'm not allergic to any food either. 

If you really  want to spoil me and show how much you adore me you could take me on a vacation to Scotland and/or England. I'm an absolute anglophile. 

I will spoil you back as well. After our visit together please email me for a free month's membership to my adult website.

Here are the questions that you may have in interview form (I do love interviews). 

Imaginary interviewer: Danielle, thank you so much for taking this time to speak with me about your website www.DateDanielle.com. So how and why did you get into the business of being a provider? 

Danielle: I jumped into the business of being a companion after my 18th birthday. I had graduated high school (as valedictorian) when I was 16 years old and started doing the whole 9-5 corporate gig immediately after graduation. After turning 18 I knew I wanted to change things up and get out of the boring rut I was in (many of the major changes in my life have happened because of boredom) so I started researching stripping. I found out about this industry during my research into stripping, started researching this industry, and decided that it would be a great fit in my life. I initially only worked with agencies and around the age of 21 decided to go independent.

Imaginary interviewer: Wow, you were really young when you started out. Doing this for so long have you ever been burned out by the job? 

Danielle: Fortunately, I haven't had to deal with "burn out". I think that's mainly because I limit the number of suitors I see a day (only one date a day when I'm home and at the most two dates a day when I'm on tour). I've taken numerous breaks from the industry throughout the years and I feel like that's helped tremendously. I'm also a bit selective of those I will see. If a potential client gives me a hard time about verification or tries to negotiate my rates then I won't see them. If I've visited with a client and realize that there is no chemistry between that person and I then I will recommend that they see another provider in the future. The best dates are a constant give and receive of pleasure for all parties involved.

Imaginary interviewer: I can't imagine why a potential client would give you trouble about verification. I've looked at your reservations page and the information you ask for seems to be normal as far as what other providers ask for... 

Danielle: It is! But occasionally you get some people who think verification does not apply to them. My safety is my number one priority and I absolutely refuse to budge on my verification policies. My verification system is quite simple. Everything between a client and I is kept confidential. I'm always amazed when potential clients ask to see me but aren't willing to be verified. I try to explain to them that the providers that don't verify are usually rip offs, bait and switch, upsell girls, etc...providers you don't want to be involved with. 

Imaginary interviewer: You mentioned upsell girls...have you ever been involved in that? 

Danielle: Absolutely not! My rates are all inclusive. I don't upsell and I'm not a bait and switch. To be honest my rates are very competitively priced to other providers of my caliber. I am comfortable charging the rates that I charge because I know that I am worth it and that the time my courter and I spend together is worth my rates as well. I put a lot of effort into making my dates with my suitors absolutely perfect for the both of us. 

Imaginary interviewer: How does a typical "date" work with you? 

Danielle: Well first an admirer contacts me (hopefully after they have read through my website). They may have filled out the reservation form on my reservation page or they may have contacted me directly through email. Before setting up the date I will verify them. If they haven't filled out their preferences I will email and ask if they want to visit me at my place or would rather I go to them, what date and time, and whether or not they have any requests. The day or night before our appointment I will email the client to confirm again and once they have replied I will send them the address to my place or get the address and directions to where I will be going. I will also give them my phone number (which I only use for directions or if the client is running late, is lost, etc.). If the client is coming to me they can expect a comfortable, quiet sanctuary where they immerse themselves in our time together. I really do try to make things perfect for our date. I will have soft music playing and candles lit. I will offer a selection of beverages (water, soft drinks, white wine, sparkling wine, red wine, beer, and spirits) . The bathroom is stocked with pretty much any hygienic product they would need. If they have been busy that day and haven't been able to shower (which I always ask them to do before our time together) they will normally take a short shower. The rest of the time is us getting to know each other.

Imaginary interviewer: That sounds like a lovely experience. I bet you get a lot of requests. What types of requests do you get? 

Danielle: Surprisingly I don't get too many requests. I've had requests that venture into the fetish/bdsm side of things. I consider myself a "switch" (meaning I can Domme or sub). I've had many clients that want to do the whole roleplay thing with me but that can occasionally be a bit difficult for me to get into as I prefer to be as true to myself as possible with my dates and do not consider myself a good actress whatsoever. Clothing requests are fantastic as long as I'm not out in public in something I wouldn't ordinarily wear (in private is a different story). I've been asked to wear makeup which was a bit odd for me since I rarely wear makeup. I've had requests to see couples which I absolutely love to do. I am pansexual and adore spending time with women (it's actually quite a treat for me since I don't often get to be with women in my personal life). I've had requests to take video or photos of our time together (which is by far my favorite request). I love seeing the pictures or videos afterwards. Fortunately I haven't had too many odd requests. I'm very open-minded and nonjudgemental and will generally try anything once. I have a list of things that I would love to experience. I'm actually pretty darn kinky and love being able to explore that side of me with other people. 

Imaginary interviewer: It does seem like you are a kinky woman. Looking at your pictures in the gallery you can definitely tell that you are kinky and open-minded. Also going through your website I saw that you do tour. Can you tell me a bit about that? 

Danielle: I have toured many times in the past and have always had an amazing time. Touring is a great way to meet new suitors, experience a whole different city...and to get out of the Arizona heat in the summer. I have many admirers who have asked me to visit their city for a tour. I do try to only tour a couple of times a year. Many times I charge more when I am on tour since I have travel expenses that need to be paid for. Coming to my place is usually easiest for me when I am on tour since I tend to get easily flustered (and occasionally lost) when driving in a new city. 

Imaginary interviewer: Danielle, thank you so much for answering all of my questions. Do you have anything else to say? 

Danielle: You are absolutely welcome. To my courters please don't hesitate to ask me if one of your questions hasn't been answered. And thank you for taking the time to read this interview. ​