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Short notice appointments (less than 24 hours notice) - add $50 an hour
Due to extensive time in traffic, any appointments Monday to Friday between 3:30pm to 6:30pm - add $20 an hour

Travel fees and requirements for appointments going to your location:
Drive time more than 30 minutes away - add $50
Drive time more than 1 hour away - add $100 + two hour minimum appointment
Drive time more than 2 hours away - add $150 + three hour minimum appointment
Out of state (flight time up to 1.5 hours) - four hour minimum appointment
Out of state (flight time more than 1.5 hours) - six hour minimum appointment
Outside US - twenty-four hour minimum appt. and flown business class

You are required to cover the travel costs (flight, travel to and from the airport, luggage fees, hotel, etc.). All appointments out of state (when I'm flown to you) requires the full flight amount and a 25% deposit before the appointment is reserved for you.  

A 25% deposit is required for appointments 3 hours or longer and/or for locations where I have to travel one or more hours. A $25 non-refundable deposit is required for clients using employment information for verification.

Porn Star and Girlfriend Experience Escort in Phoenix.

Cancellation Policies

Located in Phoenix, and available for escort dates. Hire a pornstar escort for a One of a kind experience. Danielle is a GFE and PSE escort located in Phoenix. Independent, discreet escorts available world wide

Overnight - 12 Hours
Outcall        3000
*not available for incall and must have at least six hours of uninterrupted sleep

Daytime - 12 Hours
Outcall or Incall        3600

Full Day and Night - 24 Hours
Outcall        5000
Additional Day and Night        2000
*not available for incall and must have at least six hours of uninterrupted sleep

In Public Rendezvous
Outcall        200/hr
*can be added to any of the Solo Rendezvous dates

Additional        200/hr

BDSM/Fetish        additional 300
Rear Parking        additional 150
Filming        additional 300

Solo Rendezvous - Outcall
1 Hour        450
1.5 Hours        600
2 Hours        750   Preferred for New Clients
3 Hours        1100
4 Hours        1450
6 Hours        2050

Solo Rendezvous - Incall
1 Hour        425
1.5 Hours        575
2 Hours        725   Preferred for New Clients
3 Hours        1050
4 Hours        1400
6 Hours        2000

Solo Rendezvous - Appointments Before Noon
1 Hour Incall        525
1.5 Hours Incall        725
2 Hours Incall        925
1 Hour Outcall        550
1.5 Hours Outcall        750
​2 Hours Outcall        950

Looking for an independent escort provider companion in Phoenix?

Film and photograph Danielle, a Phoenix pornstar escort.
Pornstar and girlfriend experience escort in Phoenix.
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The idea of being with one paramour appeals to me. Being able to share everything in my life with that one special person is something that I think many people, myself included, are looking for. I'm fortunate enough to have a day job (my adult film work) that allows me to work when ever and where ever I want, which means plenty of time for us to spend together. You don't have to be located in Arizona in order for an exclusive relationship with me to work. I love traveling and would be more than happy to travel to where ever you are.

I can be your... 

Traveling companion - I have a valid passport. Let's fill it up with stamps from various countries.

Cuddle buddy - I am a fantastic cuddler. I've had a lot of experience with my animals and would like to put it to use with an actual human. 

Gym partner - You might not get much done watching me doing squats in my tight yoga pants. 

Model - What girl doesn't love shopping? What guy doesn't like seeing his girl model seductive lingerie and skin tight dresses just for his enjoyment? 

Eye/arm candy - People will be green with envy when they see us strutting about together. 

Therapist - There are many types of therapists *wink *wink. Let me be your confidant. 

Adventurous explorer - Let's complete our bucket lists together. 

These are just some of the numerous roles I can play. Overall I want to be the person you turn to when you need comfort, someone to vent to or have something incredibly exciting to share.

The amount of time we spend together would be discussed and agreed upon during our initial discussion of this package.

For any cancellations, if a credit card was used, the 10% credit card processing fee will be forfeit. Cancellations for appointments made without at least 48 hours notice the day of your appointment will be charged 50% of the fee for the total amount, if notice is less than 24 hours the day of your appointment, 100% of the fee for the total amount will be charged. The amount forfeit will be applied to a future appointment (I require that this appointment be made within one year of originally scheduled appointment). If a second cancellation occurs, the full cancellation fee will be forfeit.

My rates are non-negotiable.

* Regarding the Film Date: There is no requirement for you to show your face in the video. There is no cameraman, we shoot the video/photos ourselves. I have several video cameras I can bring to our session or you are more than welcome to bring yours. If we use my camera, then I will send the content to you within 24 hours. I will require you to sign a limited release form that states that the content is for personal use only and isn't to be shared in any way, shape or form. This is for my protection as I cannot have videos and/or photographs (besides what I shoot professionally) circulating around. This is a protected activity.

** Rear parking does take notice (please tell me at least 24 hours in advance).


Miscellaneous Policies

I accept cash and credit/debit cards. A 10% fee is added on when using your credit or debit card. I will require an imprint of the card used and will write down your driver's license number (this is for my protection against chargebacks or other dishonest practices). When using the credit/debit card option the payment must be processed at the latest the day before our appointment. You will purchase the time with me on my online store through a special listing I will create for you. Please rest assured that all of your information is kept confidential.

Credit Card Policies

10,000 to 13,500

Exclusively Yours Package